05 novembre 2012

Dziani Dzaha II

         You may remember a map similar to this one. There's a pretty lake on the small island, and we took our friends round it to show them what it was like. A fairly long walk to get to the top, but definitely worth it once we got there.                       We started off from home in the car - a two-seater, so two in the front and two sitting backwards in the (rather uncomfortable) boot - and took the ferry to the small island. We'd taken off... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2012

Dziani Dzaha

           One really nice thing about Mayotte is that the distances are short, so you don't need to travel for a long time to go anywhere. The beaches are very close to the towns. Our nearest beach can be reached on foot. It's not a terribly nice one, so we usually go to one called Sakouli, on the other side of Mamoudzou. Total distance: about 10km. Total time spent travelling: about half an hour depending on traffic.        ... [Lire la suite]
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