12 janvier 2015

Je suis Charlie

                                       Yesterday, Mayotte had its second gathering in homage to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack. The first one took place just after the attack. This one was called a "white march". My plane arrived at 7.30, I got my luggage very quickly and took the taxi then the ferry to the large island. Collected my car, sitting in a huge puddle of mud and water,... [Lire la suite]
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03 novembre 2014

N'Gouja at sunset.

              The place goes crazy about once a year, fighting over things such as salaries, football matches and the price of chicken wings, but Mayotte can also be a very beautiful place when it sets its mind to it. These photos were taken last week at the most touristic beach in Mayotte, down south. It's called N'Gouja. The white beach. It's where all the m'zungus go on weekends and Wednesday afternoons (no school) to swim, laze on the beach and look at the turtles.      ... [Lire la suite]
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06 octobre 2014

Salon du Tourisme

                              A few photos from the Salon du Tourisme which took place this weekend. Mayotte is involoved in several programs such as the Vanilla Islands Program, there's one about the Indian Ocean as well... the general idea is to try and convince tourists that Mayotte is a nice place to spend a holiday. Unfortunately, this point of view is not shared by most of the population. Most white expats would like to turn Mayotte... [Lire la suite]
29 septembre 2014

Urahafu Na Unono

                         On Friday, following various complaints from teachers regarding the dirtiness of the school as a whole and the rooms in particular, one of my colleagues launched "Operation Urahafu Na Unono", or "Operation Cleanliness" in the school. This operation had already been decided upon by the town hall in Mamoudzou as a day when volunteers and schoolchildren would help clean the town, and she wanted our school to participate in its own way. ... [Lire la suite]
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08 septembre 2014

The beginning of the end: my last back-to-school rush in Mayotte.

            School started again on August 25th. In Mayotte, the teaching profession has one of the highest turnovers I've ever seen. This year, only three new colleagues joined the English-teaching ranks in my school. Two had been teaching in various lycées before this year, and were still recoiling from the shock of collège. The kids are small... energetic... very noisy... don't understand this... aren't mature enough for that... and the new colleagues weren't quite sure what to make of them. The... [Lire la suite]
14 juillet 2014

Hiking around Saziley

          Sunday was a rather hectic day. First, it was the day two of the musicians from the Blue Mango were leaving Mayotte, one forever, the other for a holiday. The one who was leaving forever hadn't been able to come to our last going-away party and I had a present for her, so that needed delivering. The one who was going back to France on holiday knew I was going to Madagascar again in August and wanted me to deliver a package to his wife's nephew in Antsirabe, south of Antananarivo. The... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2014

There haven't been any underwater photos for a while.

               On Easter Sunday, I went out on a boat trip with the Bretons of Mayotte association. Dragged a friend along, too, and there also happened to be a couple of folk dancers on the same boat. We went to the north of Mayotte to look for dolphins and possibly manta rays. Found a few dolphins - not the usual few hundreds, just ten or so - and watched them for a bit, then we stopped off at the Îlots Choisil for lunch.                ... [Lire la suite]
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10 juin 2013

Manta rays and Mangroves

                  Last Sunday, I went on a boat trip with the Association of Bretons of Mayotte. They're the ones I play music with, they organize an activity every month so I try to go along when I can to get out of the house and to talk with people over four feet tall who don't talk back. This month's activity was a boat trip into the lagoon, the idea being to go and watch the dolphins and to see if we could find a manta ray. The rays come into the lagoon in March and stay... [Lire la suite]
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21 février 2013

Things students say...

                I was happily teaching my students all about various states, cities, monuments and cultures of the United States of America. Then I gave them a test... and as usual, I didn't recognize my original lesson at all. I have now learnt that... Per year, Yellowe Stone Park gets 3 333 949 326 visitors. Independence Day is 19776. Children start school in America at the age 1961. The death penalty is 4 Junuary 1 (so I assume they save everybody up in a prison and... [Lire la suite]
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14 février 2013

Hot Blushes

            I started drama lessons with the kids this afternoon. The first task was an improvisation sketch in small groups: you have just received an anonymous Valentine's card. How do you react? One girl beckoned me over and said: "Miss, I can't do this." "Why not?" "Because I'm black." "What does that have to do with anything?" "Well, miss, I want to blush and I can't!"              
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