03 novembre 2014

N'Gouja at sunset.

              The place goes crazy about once a year, fighting over things such as salaries, football matches and the price of chicken wings, but Mayotte can also be a very beautiful place when it sets its mind to it. These photos were taken last week at the most touristic beach in Mayotte, down south. It's called N'Gouja. The white beach. It's where all the m'zungus go on weekends and Wednesday afternoons (no school) to swim, laze on the beach and look at the turtles.      ... [Lire la suite]
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17 juin 2013

Starry Skies

        On the 1st of June, the Mayotte Astronomy club organised its annual Sun and Star Party. They invited the local schools to make and show models and exhibitions about space, they hung up big colourful balls, they had posters up about light pollution or asteroids and they showed photos taken from the ISS. It rather reminded me of making woolen pom-poms with Nanny to represent the sun and the planets when I was in middle school in England. As the violinist in my music group belonged to the club, she invited... [Lire la suite]
29 avril 2013

Before coming to Mayotte...

                    Before coming to Mayotte, I didn't know that temperatures could be so constantly hot, never going lower than 27°C even at night. From the first rays of sunlight to the last, the temperature is between 28°C (dry season) and 34°C (rainy season), and it's hot straight away. It doesn't start off cool and get there slowly. At 8 o'clock this morning, the temperature in the sun on the balcony was 48°C. Before coming to Mayotte, I didn't know that you could... [Lire la suite]
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18 mars 2013

Moving House

                  When P and I came to Mayotte on August 15th 2011, we had only known for a short while that we - I, at any rate - would be moving at all. I remember searching the Internet for possible flats or flat shares, hunting all around the area of the island my school was in, preferably somewhere with electricity and running water, also preferably somewhere within walking distance of the school, just in case. There were two flats that sounded allright, the one I chose and another... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2012

Vhat do iou dou?

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02 avril 2012

What's the weather like?

                   The rainy season is over now, and the wind is just starting up. It's still hot though, and will remain so until next November, at which point it will get slightly hotter. It's slightly more breathable now, however. These screenshots are from my Windows weather application on the computer. They show the temperature in Mamoudzou, Poitiers and Dorchester. It makes for interesting comparisons, especially first thing in the... [Lire la suite]
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19 février 2012

Mahabou and M'Gombani

          This Sunday afternoon was lovely and fine, so we set off to walk up and around the Pointe Mahabou, a cliff on the other side of Mamoudzou where the very first sultan of Mayotte, Adriansouli, was buried. Other cars were driving up, so I started driving up too, then got shouted at because P wanted to walk up and didn’t see any point in giving the car a workout. Drove back down again, parked at the bottom, got out of the car and P started shrieking. One of the back tyres was half flat.... [Lire la suite]
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30 janvier 2012

All Golfed Out

           Last Sunday, P and I were invited to a "Grand Golf Initiation" organized by my new friends the Bretons of Mayotte. As P likes golf, and as I don't, we were asked to bring our instruments and at least play those. We ended up playing both golf and music. First, we learnt to "putt" the ball into small fake holes made of floppy metal cups, then to lob the balls across the green so that the people opposite didn't have to go and fetch theirs, just catch ours as they hurtled... [Lire la suite]
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13 novembre 2011

Feet, bikes, cats and cars.

           This morning, the temperature was 29°C in the shade, 47°C in the sun. At 8.25 a.m. At the moment, even the cat is flat out on the cool floor tiles. This is the cool season. It doesn't actually bother me when I'm busy doing nothing, but does get in my way when I'm actually trying to get something accomplished. Hot temperatures start very early in the day here. The sun pours through the windows from roughly 5 in the morning if you leave the shutters open, and as our flat is... [Lire la suite]
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