09 mars 2015

The Nutrition Transition

            A rather interesting article turned up in the newspaper this week. Mayotte has been in the middle of a nutritional transition (poetically put) for quite a few years now. From not having enough to eat and suffering from various lacks and deficiencies, the Mahorese people now tend towards something called metabolic pathologies, said the article. In Mayotte, food is generally associated with conviviality and hospitality. There's none of the eat-on-the-go style of doing things: a Mahorese... [Lire la suite]

15 avril 2013

Who let the kids out?

          Last Thursday, I was called in to replace a sick colleague on a school trip. The idea was to take a class of 14-year-olds to visit the remains of a sugar-cane factory, a copra dryer and a museum about ylang-ylang flowers and vanilla. Two teachers, twenty-nine students, one bus. Should be interesting. The class was - and still is, for that matter - my worst class, which didn't help. They were the other teacher's worst class too. Bright kids, but just so noisy... the sort of class where you can... [Lire la suite]
15 février 2012

Tying the knot

           Took the car to the garage this morning for an oil change and to get the air-conditioning sorted out, as there seems to be a leak somewhere. The mechanic behind the counter received a phone call while we were there and put the caller - apparently one of his employees - on loudspeaker. "Hello?" "Hello, good morning, I won't be able to come in today." "Why not?" "My tie's not working." "What do you mean, your tie's not working?" "Well, the knot's come undone." "Never... [Lire la suite]
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