05 mai 2014

Carnival Week-End II : A Colourful Parade

           The carnival in commemoration of Slavery Abolition Day continued on the Sunday as well. First of all, I wanted to show you the diversity of musical instruments. In case you're wondering, the most prized instrument here is an old washing-machine drum. It's found in all the ceremonies and parties. One of these drums (top photo) was being used to carry the group's water bottles. Another useful instrument is an oven tray turned upside-down. I even saw one man playing a Coke can.    ... [Lire la suite]

07 mai 2012

Music in Mayotte

            We've been to a few concerts recently, to find out what the local music is like. First of all came Rossy, whose poster attracted P because of the accordion. Arrived at the concert a quarter of an hour before it was supposed to start, which seemed reasonable at the time. When we got there, the group was just finishing balancing the different instruments. As the concert was held in a café, a lady suddenly jumped up and started going round everybody who was there,... [Lire la suite]
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30 janvier 2012

All Golfed Out

           Last Sunday, P and I were invited to a "Grand Golf Initiation" organized by my new friends the Bretons of Mayotte. As P likes golf, and as I don't, we were asked to bring our instruments and at least play those. We ended up playing both golf and music. First, we learnt to "putt" the ball into small fake holes made of floppy metal cups, then to lob the balls across the green so that the people opposite didn't have to go and fetch theirs, just catch ours as they hurtled... [Lire la suite]
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