09 février 2015

Still playing.

                   On January 24th, we had our Annual Fest-Noz. With capital letters. It's a huge and terrifyingly-organized evening centred around Breton music and dancing, it needs so much work put into it that there is only one per year (compared to several per week in every region of mainland France) and it attracts a disproportionate number of people of which about a fifth come from Brittany. This year, it was held in a room which is half covered by roof, half exposed to... [Lire la suite]

12 janvier 2015

Je suis Charlie

                                       Yesterday, Mayotte had its second gathering in homage to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack. The first one took place just after the attack. This one was called a "white march". My plane arrived at 7.30, I got my luggage very quickly and took the taxi then the ferry to the large island. Collected my car, sitting in a huge puddle of mud and water,... [Lire la suite]
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