20 janvier 2014

Thank You For A Lovely Christmas Holiday.

        Family photos. A lovely Christmas was had by all. Lots of people, lots of presents, lots of games, lots of tablet computers. At one point, there were seven of us playing silly games on our various tablets while watching a film. Lots of food, too. A month's holiday, almost completely spent away from Mayotte. As had obviously done a good number of my colleagues: it seemed as though half the school, including the head, was in the same plane on the way back. It gave us all someone to talk to while waiting... [Lire la suite]

02 avril 2012

What's the weather like?

                   The rainy season is over now, and the wind is just starting up. It's still hot though, and will remain so until next November, at which point it will get slightly hotter. It's slightly more breathable now, however. These screenshots are from my Windows weather application on the computer. They show the temperature in Mamoudzou, Poitiers and Dorchester. It makes for interesting comparisons, especially first thing in the... [Lire la suite]
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