30 janvier 2012

All Golfed Out

           Last Sunday, P and I were invited to a "Grand Golf Initiation" organized by my new friends the Bretons of Mayotte. As P likes golf, and as I don't, we were asked to bring our instruments and at least play those. We ended up playing both golf and music. First, we learnt to "putt" the ball into small fake holes made of floppy metal cups, then to lob the balls across the green so that the people opposite didn't have to go and fetch theirs, just catch ours as they hurtled... [Lire la suite]
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15 janvier 2012

Water, water everywhere...

        I got a call the other day from a girl I’d met at a friend’s birthday party, asking me if I wanted to do something on Sunday. The search was on. She rang me back yesterday evening, having thought of going to the beach, renting a kayak, paddling round a pretty island and fish-watching on the coral reef afterwards. I picked her up this morning and we were off.               ... [Lire la suite]
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19 décembre 2011

She'll be coming round the mountain...

                            I went round the Mont Choungui last week-end with a walking group. It's near the bottom of the island, and is the most famous mountain in Mayotte, if not the highest (That's Mont Bénara, 664m). From its top, you're supposed to be able to see all the southern half of the island. It's actually a volcano rather than a mountain, but it has been inactive for ages. ... [Lire la suite]
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11 décembre 2011

Christmas Market - R.I.P.

         Two hours later, I went to the driving school for two hours of motorbike lessons. It had already started drizzling, so the monitor told two of us that we had better come back another day as the rain looked like holding. It's OK to learn to drive in the rain - especially here, we're going to need to know how to do that - but a soaked track when you're just starting and can't really balance properly yet is not the best idea. Ten minutes later, we heard a huge clap of thunder and the... [Lire la suite]
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10 décembre 2011

Christmas Market

            There was a Christmas market today in front of the M’biwi Café, just down the road from us. I thought a Christmas market by 32°C sounded interesting, so I went along after work to see what sort of things were up for sale.                              The first thing that struck me was the bright and colourful aspect of it all. The... [Lire la suite]
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05 décembre 2011

Mangrove Mud

                Last week, I went on a grande randonnée, a walk signalled by white and red flashes on the trees, with the association my music group belongs to, the Bretons of Mayotte. I hadn't really had the occasion to explore the island properly, mainly because of the recent strikes (more about those in a later message), so I was pleased to be able to go walking with a group. We set off from the south of the island, near Chirongui, and walked 3 or 4... [Lire la suite]
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02 décembre 2011

Playing dress-up

          I went to the Mayotte M'Gombani Fashion Salon today, as you can probably see from the photos. Different creators were holding stands with their various wares: trousers and tops, colourful dresses, earrings, necklaces, oven mitts (rather the odd one out), one stand of local food and one of beauty products. Beauty products here are henna and m'dzindzano. Henna is used to decorate girls' hands and to dye hair, and m'dzindzano is the local beauty mask. It's made of sandalwood... [Lire la suite]
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26 novembre 2011

T.P. Folk

                    Yesterday, my music group and I were invited to play in a local brochetti. Brochettis are small restaurants, often in car-parks or in the middle of nowhere, all corrugated iron and plastic chairs, but they cook locally-grown/fished/caught food on a barbecue, usually in kebab form (brochette), it tastes good, there's lots of it and it costs rougly 6€ a plate. They used to be simple shacks by the side of the road, run... [Lire la suite]
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08 novembre 2011

Good morning all.

                    A quick hello from underwater, when I went diving with a colleague's husband !              
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07 novembre 2011

Photo albums

Underwater photo of anemones and little fish, taken by a colleague's daughter with an underwater camera.            I've just added a photo album to the blog, called "Blue Lagoon". It shows photos of the lagoon, above and under the water, some corals and fish, sandy beaches, water and islands... I'll add more photos to it when I take some, but it'll give you a good idea of Mayotte's surroundings. To get to the photo album, go to the top of the blog and go down the right-hand side.... [Lire la suite]
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