Sent: 06 January 2014.

Received: 03 February 2014.

Not too bad. Boxes and parcels always take about a month. Except that this particular one was coming from the UK, which the Mahorese customs weren't too sure about. They sent me a letter the week before arrival, saying that they wanted me to tell them what was in the box (although the contents were written in both languages on said box) and to give them an invoice proving what the contents were worth. I sent it back with a "declaration on my honour" explaining that the box only contained stuff that was mine to begin with and that had been stocked at my parents' house while I was in Mayotte. They accepted that and sent me a piece of paper asking me to come and fetch the box.

The box was mine. I emptied the box and left the packaging to one side for five minutes. Now, the box no longer belongs to me.