Yesterday was National Horse Day. No, I hadn't heard of it before either. The one and only horse-riding club in Mayotte had put balloons up everywhere and was having a field day, showing off its good pupils and taking kids for rides on small ponies. It's quite a big place, actually, with a big paddock and apparently ten horses, of which we saw four. All the kids who were going anywhere near a horse had helmets, jodhpurs, boots and whips, which surprised me for Mayotte. Then again, most of said kids were white, which probably helped.


P1080574 P1080575


P1080576 P1080577


The Blue Mango landed in the middle of all of that. I'm still not quite sure how. Anyway, we were asked to come and play for two hours while everybody ate their lunch. We were under a big mango tree, off to one side, so not many people could see or hear us. That didn't matter at all, though, as we weren't meant to be the centre of attention, just an extra attraction along with the tombola and the pin-the-tail-on-the-horse board. We had a few dancers with us, who jumped around happily, and that was it. It was interesting, though, because I'd never been inside the horse-riding club before.



From left: Vincent, our new guitarist and trumpeter, and Gwendoline, our new accordionist.