The Soulou Waterfall, on the west coast of Mayotte, is a place which is renowned for its thefts, break-ins and various attacks of all kinds. Unfortunately, it's also recognized as one of the most beautiful sites on the island. That's why, when a friend wanted to go, she decided to open the outing to three or four of us, saying that it would be even better if we could recruit a few friends each to take along. Which is how the outing started at 3 people and finished at 30, a good mixture of guys, girls and children.

We set off from Mamoudzou, packed ourselves into as few cars as possible - often squeezing between two children's car-seats - and arrived at Soulou about an hour and a half later. We parked at the entrance to the beach trail, walked down a steep slope with some steps set into the side and ended up on the beach, where we immediately started searching for the infamous waterfall... which, as you can see above and below, is indeed rather beautiful. Please bear in mind that this is the dry season. The waterfall is the result of the river just above, and it hasn't rained for three months now. So this is a relatively large amount of falling water.


IMGP1848 IMGP1850

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We went into the sea, nice and warm, low tide. Then into the cold soft-water waterfall, which comes down with surprising force, soaks you through and gives you a nice shoulder massage. Ate our picnics, fed the kids - anywhere between seven months and 15 years old - and messed about on the beach all afternoon. This is also the beach where we saw the ladies doing their Ramadan preparation rituals then purifying themselves in the waterfall. I'd go there again, it really is pretty. We didn't have any problems with attacks or car break-ins, but I wouldn't go back on my own, just in case.