The other day, a friend of mine - Mireille, the one I went to the circus with - and I went to the beach. It wasn't a particularly fine day, and the tide was high, but we tried to go to the drop-off anyway and see what we could find.



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We didn't find very much, actually. There was the same quantity of coral and the same number of fish as there always is, but it appears that high tide really isn't the best time to go fish-watching. The overcast sky meant there wasn't much light going into the water, so you couldn't see past the first couple of metres down. And high tide meant that we were roughly three to four metres above the corals and fish. By the time you've dived down to get closer to the coral, you don't have enough breath left to go over the drop-off (another six metres down). Hopeless really. However, there were clouds of little fish swimming very close to the surface. You just had to stay put for a few seconds for the fish to come all round you, which was nice.


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